Kovels is THE expert on antiques and collectibles in the U.S., educating and inspiring collectors for over six decades. The website includes over 40 books and 25,000 articles, all written by Kovels, and it’s updated with new information weekly. Libraries get unlimited access to all Kovels.com articles, identification guides, histories, prices, marks, and how-to guides on buying and selling antiques and collectibles. Also included is the current digital version of Kovels On Antiques & Collectibles monthly newsletter (as a PDF), and its 47 years of archives. Patrons can identify, price, and learn everything about antiques and collectibles on Kovels.com. Kovels is a must-have information source, especially important for anyone looking for reliable expert information on buying and selling antiques and collectibles, from the avid collector and dealer to the treasure hunter and downsizer.


  • Antiques & Collectibles Information
  • Marks Guide, database of more than 20,000 marks on pottery, porcelain, silver, jewelry, and more.
  • Price Guide, more than one million prices of antiques and collectibles all reviewed by experts.
  • Buy & Sell Guides, 60+ topics plus downsizing, how to settle an estate, auction advice. 
  • Digital edition, Kovels On Antiques & Collectibles, monthly newsletter plus 47 years of archives.
  • Sales reports, in-depth analysis on what’s selling at auction and for how much.
  • Thousands of reader questions with expert answers on their antiques, collectibles, and marks.
  • Reproductions, explained and identified to keep collectors informed on fakes found in the market.
  • Latest news, such as record prices, flea markets, what’s in, what’s out, and items of interest.
  • Know Your Antiques, access to 20+ years of Kovels syndicated newspaper columns.
  • Business Directory, collector-related auction houses, clubs, publications, restorers, and more.

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